How to integrate Google SketchUp in a Ruby On Rails application

I am a Ruby On Rails application and I want to integrate sketchup in my application .
I am using Rails 6. If its possible, then please share the steps or some documentation link.

Not entirely possible. Google SketchUp ceased to exist in 2012 and is no longer supported. (Google sold it to Trimble Navigation, Inc.)

All versions of SketchUp, SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro (released by @Last, Google and Trimble) were and are desktop applications. The EULA for these editions prohibit use in a server environment and expressly forbid any sublicensing of SketchUp to other users.

So even if possible, SketchUp cannot legally be integrated into your application.

But perhaps your application could be integrated into SketchUp as a Ruby extension. SketchUp’s Ruby API does have the UI::HtmlDialog class that can display remote webpages.
The API also has the Sketchup::Http::Request and Sketchup::Http::Response classes.

Using SketchUp would require your endusers to purchase a classic license or yearly subscription.

Trimble has since also released a free web edition of SketchUp but it has no extension APIs currently.

In order to help you a bit more, perhaps you could share some details of what you’d kind of communication between your application and SketchUp ?


In my application, user have several roles and on the basis of that, I will allow them to use sketchup in my application.
While user do something on sketchup, I need to perform some calculations. I need to isolate user’s data as well.
I need my application and sketchup on same page and on each operation of my sketch app, my application should be notified.

Another question, Is sketch up provides enterprise account?

As said above, this is not allowed nor technically possible.

This is not a problem if SketchUp and your application are running in their own processes.

Again, SketchUp allows extensions (not apps) written in Ruby or C, that run within the SketchUp desktop application process. These extensions are free to communicate with other applications or web services. (SketchUp itself has several integrated cloud services for report generation, extension management, component warehouse, etc.)

It is up to your extension and / or external application to save user data to the appropriate place (ie, local storage or cloud storage.)

SketchUp has licensing for individuals …
Need more than 10 licenses? Contact sales for special pricing and for network licenses.