How to import SKP to a 3dpoint? Why is it stuck on my mouse?

We already have a preferred way to do this:

skp = UI.openpanel("Import Model","","SketchUp Model (SKP)|*.skp||"))
return if skp.nil? # user cancelled

mod = Sketchup::active_model
cdef = mod.definitions.load(skp)
return unless cdef # good practice
# could be "next unless cdef" inside a loop

point = Geom::Point3d::new( 10, 10, 0 ) # loaded from external file
cinst = mod.active_entities.add_instance(
  Geom::Transformation::new( point )

If no errors occur, the instance can be exploded:

cinst.explode if cinst && cinst.respond_to?(:explode)

Once done inserting components, if all are exploded, purge the definitions:


see: DefinitionList#load
and: Entities#add_instance