How to hide the command window when running the command line?

When I run cmd, there’s the window of command line will appear.
I wanna hide that window but can’t find any solution, what can I do?
Thanks in advanced!

cmd = 'echo hello' 

We cannot hide that window in Ruby on MS Windows platform.

This topic has been covered previously. Try a forum search on the Developers categories (magnifying glass icon, top right) there are various workarounds depending upon what you wish to do in another process.

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The reason that I want to hide cmd window is because when cmd is running, I want to switch to another tab like Chrome, but after clicking Chrome, it auto switches back to Sketchup. Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem?

I also searched the forum but couldn’t find any post like you mentioned. If possible, please give me the link to the post

Thank you so much!