How to get the geometry of select view in a scene by c API?

how to get the geometry of select view in a scene by c API? for example ,if the view is like below

how to get the geometry by this view, like the result below

I figured out an approach to solve the problem ,which is to get all edges info and calculate geometry by the transform matrix of this view, output geometry result like looking from this view.
but is there any api to get geometry more quickly?

A SketchUp view (also known as a scene page) is not a geometric collection.

Also, the C SDK was mainly written to work upon files, but files do not have a screen nor a view. They do have the last camera saved and perhaps the camera saved for each scene, if the model was set for scenes to save their own camera settings.

Are you using the C SDK for “live” use within a SketchUp application process ?
Access to the model view object has been requested for C extension running within SketchUp.

So, this will be a difficult programming challenge for you if not running within SketchUp.

The Ruby API has a few methods that may help somewhat …

For those elements that are visible, you may need to test that all (or some) of the object’s vertices are within the screen space using:

The C SDK only has:

But the C SDK in standalone mode does not have an interface for the model viewport.

* A model viewport is not a fixed rectangle. It’s size and resolution varies from monitor to monitor, user to user, etc.