how to find my project

impossible to find my project, please if anyone knows how to do it

Ok. Please complete your profile so we know what software you are running then come back here and tell us what happened. Your single sentence post does not give us any way to help you out.

Shift+Z is the default shortcut for zoom extents, if your model still isn’t visible it’s possible that you have geometry placed far from each other or a corrupted component you’ve downloaded from the 3DWH is causing a glitch.
Fix your profile as you were told and share the file if you can’t solve it.

I’ve heard of people not being able to find something quite close at hand with 2 hands and a hunting dog! Do you have something like that available? A ferret perhaps.

at this point we don’t even know if the problem is inside sketchup or if it’s… “how to find my project on my computer” :upside_down_face:

True, he could also be lost in the city trying to find his project, in that case google maps would be the solution.

A lot of people who post think that we can read minds or see their monitors.

This is a great example of not understanding the request! My assumption was that the poster saved to TC and cannot find their saved file… details matter!

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I’m used to telling trainees “let’s open the file we were working on yesterday” and seeing some of them stare at me asking “well I don’t know where I saved it, do you?” :slight_smile:

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On of my favorite lines from a trainee was “Why did I do that?” I had to reply, “I don’t know… why DID you do that?”

Turns out trainers are not omniscient!

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I can smell my trainers from everywhere no matter where I put them!

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