How to Fill up a Transparent Box with Small Sphere?

Hello Guys,

I want to fill up a transparent box with small spheres. I tried using scatter in vray. The spheres will be chaotic and overlaying each others. I want the box to look full of spheres without overlaying each other. I’m thinking about arraying layers and layers from the bottom to the top of the box. Are there any better way to do it? Thanks

Unless this is the only object in your whole scene, it’s probably a very intensive way to show a glass box filled with something.

Could you make a glass box and line it with an image of the spheres instead?

V-Ray for SketchUp > Scatter (UV Grid and Avoid Collisions)

or you can try with Skatter from Lindale.

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You could also play around with clothworks plugin and drop the small spheres into the small box.


Yeah, you could definitely do it this way

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Thanks for all the helpful answers!

Hi, do you know how would it work if I want to fill the exterior of the cone shape object with spheres? I don’t want the spheres to overlay each other. Thank you!

Check the box ‘Avoid Collisions’

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Thanks for the Avoid collisions solution. The gap in between the sphere. How would you make it without gap in between the sphere? Increasing the amount of spheres. But, how would you do it from the setting?

Hover over the text ‘Avoid Collisions’ to read the info, then change the value (<1)

Also, try with Skatter