How to Extrude non-standard shape

Complete Beginner here and have been watching you tube videos to learn the tool. However I haven’t been able to resolve this issue on the web-based free tool.
My backyard is sloped on two dimensions, front to back (slopes down from back door to fence) and left to right. I’ve drawn the basic shape of it but can’t seem to get an extrusion that fills up the space as a single solid.
I’ve tried hatching the surface with smaller slivers to fill the space… see attached project
MyProject-2.skp (407.9 KB)

If the ground is indeed flat, then your idea to draw diagonals to fill in the space will work. If the land curves, though, you may want to use a lofting plugin, such as TiG Extrude or Fredo6. To use them, however, you’ll need to use SketchUp Make 2017 (a free download). Those plugins won’t work with SketchUp Free, which you’re using. BTW, you can erase those hatching lines by holding down the Option key while going over the lines with the Eraser tool.

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Draw an edge from the highest point to the lowest. That will form two faces. Then soften the edge.

Nothing wrong with what you did, but unnecessary to use all the edges unless you plan to manipulate it for some nuance or another. the next step is to soften those surface edges (method per David above), but that is just for the visual effect of a continuous surface. You can leave the edges “hard” for working, or not. To see and edit the softened edge, turn on view / hidden geometry

An OK solution but it creates a diagonal “valley” that is quite visible when viewed from certain angles. Nothing wrong with @ElToro’s triangulation either. SketchUp has many ways to skin a model.
I would perhaps prefer to divide the surface into “squares” before drawing the triangles to form the faces.

And this is how the Sandbox from Contours tool handles it:

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Excellent suggestion! I had attempted this but was using CTRL on a Mac which effectively erased the diagonal but left a “valley”. The key is to use the Alt/Option key on the Mac! That worked like a charm. Thanks so much for the suggestions.