How to drw: (sec) of ELLIPSE?

O. + (top view)
. !


What kind of code is that? Could you decipher it for us? Is there a question?


Hi folks.

To draw an ellipse, start by drawing a circle then scale it in one direction.

As DaveR pointed it, can you explain exactly what you want with more details instead of using a code that means nothing to us.

Thanks and best regards.


The message reminds me of this famous exchange of letters


   p                           6
---------         à        ---------
   a                          100


J a


I think the pictogram is crystal clear compared with his prose, although I still have no idea what it means.


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It’s in French so I thought it might be familiar to Jean.

The first letter was written by king Frederic II of Prussia to the leading French intellectual of the time, Voltaire. It reads:

“A sous P à cent sous six” which is phonetically equivalent to “À souper à Sans Souci” (=Dinner at Sans Souci!)

And the answer went: “J grand a petit”, again sounds like “J’ai grand appetit!”(= I have a great appetite).

Frederic was apparently fond of these kind of pranks. Even the name of his famous summer palace Sanssouci (=“without worry”) is actually spelled “Sans, Souci.” that reads “Sans virgule souci point” (=without small stick no worry), whether this refers to his regalia or more sexual things I leave for everyone to determine.


It’s not Code…it’s an inept attempt of drwng an Ellipse.

(If you can do it, (w/out CAD…please enlighten me!)

Thank you very much!

How do you get the progressive screens?

I use LiceCap to screen record a gif…

Thanks … I trust LiveCap can be found w/Web Search?

Yeah. If you spell it correctly. It’s LiceCap.

Thanks for the correction!