How to create Dynamic Component for clock? (just type the numbers)

Hello all, this is my first time using this forum. I want to ask if anyone knows how to create this? So you can just type the numbers you want and the clock hand will move. Thank you very much for your help. :smile:

Hello @lyn95 ,

Looks like you oculd achieve this simply by having parametric rotations :

  • For the minutes, you do a RotZ of MinuteValue / 60 * 360° (assuming the rotation starts at the top of the clock).
  • For the hours, another rotation of HourValue / 12 * 360. This would put the hour hand right at the HourValue. However, if you want to be accurate and have that hand in the middle of 10 and 11 when the minute hand is on 30 (for example), then you would need to add MinuteValue / 60 * 360 / 12. So the final code for the hours would be : HourValue /12 * 360° + MinuteValue / 60 * 360 / 12