How to build a three-dimensional icosahedron?

So… I’m a ninth grader in geometry, and I have this project to build a polygon of my choice. I chose to build a 3-D icosahedron. It’s supposed to be built out of straws, but I got curious and wanted to see if I could build one in this. Basically, I barely know anything about this (I did watch the first tutorial video, that helped), so any guidance you give needs to be simple. Enough for a ninth grader to understand, at least. If I’m being silly and there is some tutorial already made somewhere, just point it out. Sorry if I’m a bother :confused:

You may find these resources to be of help:

Good luck


Thanks so much!
I would never have known where to find these tutorials

I’m happy to be able to help you and I compliment you for using this forum as a resource.

The next time you become curious about something, go to and type in the info you want to search there. I’d bet you can learn about many things quickly by doing that. Of course, you can post here to find answers to anything having to do with SketchUp.

For more information about using SketchUp and getting more skilled at it, you can take a look at some of the other tutorial videos shown here:

Be sure to check out the Playlists too.