How to Apply Material and Texture to model p-a-r-s-e-d using sdk in unreal

I want to add the materials and textures from a sketchup model when parsed using the sdk and rendered in Unreal.
I have this model ,

But on parsing it gives me as such,

I am getting materials from each faces and colors from those materials and then populating to make a mesh.

SUMaterialRef frontMat = SU_INVALID;
SUMaterialRef backMat = SU_INVALID;
SUFaceGetFrontMaterial(faces[i], &frontMat);
SUFaceGetBackMaterial(faces[i], &backMat);
SUColor frontCol = SU_INVALID;
SUColor backCol = SU_INVALID;
SUMaterialGetColor(frontMat, &frontCol);
SUMaterialGetColor(backMat, &backCol); 

(faces[I] - face reference to each face)

VertexColor.Add(FLinearColor(,,, frontCol.alpha));

Also, if someone could help me on how to apply the textures ? I tried using texture_writer but couldn’t get the results!

How you apply textures depends on the Unreal engine. But to get texture information from an .skp file, you need:

@sanketsans, once again I ask that you read this help thread:

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SMeshHelperGetSTQCord helped me

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