How get scene images without client-side by C api?

different from Ruby, no C api for exporting image.
so How get scene images without client-side by C api?

The standalone C API cannot do this. The images are generated by the rendered scene and only the client-side application has a renderer.

Thank you for your reply. without client app, How can I export images? Is it ok to transfer skp model to others , like bim, rvt, ifc … and then get images by bim model?

Again, it can not be done with the SketchUp C API alone.

Yes. Your application can read the model data and convert it to another file format.

But the SketchUp C API does not have any output conversion functions. Your application must do the conversion. Look at the examples in the “sample” directory of the SDK package.

you r right. :smiley:
so we need add what? any example: a handwritten renderer! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No rendering example comes with the SketchUp C API.

You will need to search the web for an open source example of rendering a scene in C or C++.

The SketchUp C API is mainly meant for .skp file conversion within other applications.