How do you... Store current project paper (A3/Tabloid/11x17")

I have a stationary issue… I print project stuff on 11x17 for client meetings and keep it in big loose leaf clear envelops.

I hate the idea of punching holes in the edge of the paper so that’s the obvious no-brainer solution out of the question.

I think what I am after is a box file but can’t seem to find them. #stationary #nerdingout

In a former life, we used something like this to keep our drawings:


Good call.

In the Studio in London we use A4 box files with nice printed lables on the edge. I was looking for that kind of thing in A3/11x17 but never came across such a thing.

In the paper days (now we use mostly PDF files) we used to have a lot of these:

To my astonishment I found that they still make them but I would guess that used ones would come rather cheap. Paperless workflows have spread, and office space is expensive.

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Yeah… I have been doing a lot of remote freelancing over the last 5-6 years for the studio but I now have more of my own clients here in Montreal and come away from meetings with a load of scribbles on paper. A lot of these bits are precious reference. I could scan them, but then I’d need to print them again for the next meeting.

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