How do you put components inside of a component?

How do you put components inside of a component?

Copy or Cut the component you want to place into another component, then double-click on the destination component, and do a Paste, or Edit/Paste in Place if you want the component to be exactly where it was before you did the cut.

But, how do we do this in Ruby?

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parent = parent_instance.definition
parent_ents = parent.entities
child_instance = parent_ents.add_instance(child_definition, child_transform)


The child_transform will be relative to the parent_ents origin.

Adding a child component instance to the parent definition will affect all of that definition’s instances.

Now, I need to be able to make equations for variables like lenx as well as added attributes.
How would you suggest I do that?

That sounds like a “hack the Dynamic Components” extension question.
It has been discussed many times. Search here or in the DC category.

(And this would be off-topic for this thread as well.)