How do SU8 users get things out of the warehouse when the earliest version offered for download is 2014?

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You can download the Collada (.dae) file from the 3D Warehouse, and import it into any version of SketchUp. EDIT: You will lose some SketchUp-specific data though. Dynamic Components will not work for example. I’m not about Scenes or Layers, but they are not likely to transfer over either.

You can also install SketchUp Make 2017 along side of SketchUp 8. Then you can open more recent files up to version 2017, and back-save them to version 8.

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Okay, I never understood the Collada files. Thanks for explaining.

There was one download I gave up on after a while. The best potatoes I could find were a file called Potatoes posted by visualizations. If you put those two words in the keywords search field, it’s the thumbnail that comes up looking like 2 potatoes (duh, not the truck or the 2 Generica models). If you open it and look, it only has 2015, 2014 and KMZ download options. I couldn’t get the KMZ to work in SketchUp at all and I guess I had then a version too old to use anything else offered. Eventually I settled for inferior potatoes.

Why would something not have the Collada option, or for that matter, not be updated by the autobots to the current version of SketchUp?

Yeah, I found the model. I don’t know why there is limited download options. Might ask @Barry? Maybe it’s been online since before SketchUp did collada. If you really must have those potatoes, you’ll need to install SketchUp Make 2017

Rename the KMZ with the ZIP extension and open the file with any ZIP archive editor. If the file is what it should, you would find the model in the Collada format in a subfolder.

Well, Anssi, I’ve been using 2017 for over a year now, so I just downloaded 'em while I was writing the previous post. Not that I still need the danged potatoes. It’s the principle of the thing. But if I ever run into this again, I’ll remember that: download, rename to a zip file, open with a zip editor, use the collada file.

Thanks, folks!

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