How do i pull terrain over building?

I’m trying to make something similar to this :

But with the sandbox tools like smove i cant really pull the terrain over the dome like in the image.
Is there another way of doing this ?

grass roof.skp (3.0 MB)

Hello, with the artisan plugin you can quickly shape the terrain and adjust it to what you want. But it is not a free plugin, you can have a week-trial as far as I remember !

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Some other options would be Fredo’s Curviloft, Soapskin and Bubble, Vertex tools and SUbD by ThomThom.
There are always lots of ways to do things in SU.

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I just looked again at our image, can’t look at your model just now, and it looks to me like you could do it quite well with sandbox.
Try making the terrain first then intersect the sphere with it.

That’s what i tried, but i would just like to cover parts of it with little grass and not a big hill like i did. I’ll try Soapskin and Bubble, maybe that will help.

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