How do I ask for Basic answers in these forums?

(Moving to the Meta category, since this is about forum use,… and that is where we discuss things about using these forums.)

(ADD: Re-titled to a proper question. [Ie, I am teaching by example here.])

Yes, please just post your questions in the appropriate category. One thread to a question, with a short concise topic title.

Post in the SketchUp category if you do not know what the categories are meant for. But, note that each category has a “About the categorypinned post by the staff explaining what the category is meant for.

Example, ie “How do I change Cline stipple ?” … and then restate the question in full, along with any mention of what you have already tried.

If you have a model and can post it, purge it of unused resources, (ModelInfo > Statistics > Purge Unused,) and attach it to your post with the upload button (7th from the left,… looks like a harddrive with an up arrow on top.)