How can I call the offset tool on a face


Is there a way to call the offset tool on a face?


Afraid not. That is not exposed to the API.


try by Rick Wilson. It’s a great script and can be used in your own plugin or could the last time I asked him. He has kindly made it available for everyone to use in their scripts so long as they credit him.


Beware - that script modified the Ruby core classes and the SketchUp API classes. It’s known to clash with other extensions (breaking their functionality.) If you use the code then please refactor it to not modify existing modules or classes. (More info:


Right - the script really needs updated.

I would recommend TIG’s smart-offset


Yeah, Smart Offset is cool… Squeeze something like this into Layouts Toolset … My Santa letter for 2015 :christmas_tree::santa::christmas_tree:


If you’re only looking for an extension to do a better offset then TruOffset by Noel Warren is awesome!


Nice… Btw TT. As the extension warehouse grows and grows, will there be some focus on compiling a collection of the very best but much needed extensions for Sketchup as we travel out into the SU Galaxy?


i didn’t realise that. thanks


Ping @Bryceosaurus - I like the concept of collections. Letting users create “packs” of extensions for various types of work and being able to share a link to other users where a single Install button will install all extensions in the pack.


Yes , a collection of extension packs - “lunch box” lol
Would be great and it helps to bundle some industry specific tools - good ones…

Btw … Can we have that old tool back in SketchUp for animating 360 spin if your model … Very good for presenting models and ideas