Home country in Profile?


I notice a lot of questions that eventually boil down to issues based on the poster’s home country. Things such as unusual characters in file paths, conventions for decimal notation, need to use semi-colon as the separator in lists, inability to type certain characters on the keyboard.

Would it be possible to add a home country item to the profile so that (assuming people actually filled it in) we could get to the heart of these issues faster?


That’s an excellent idea. +1


There is already a Location option in the profile settings. But most people don’t fill it in.
I have just added mine, so you’ll see it when you click on my Av.


I never noticed that! Just filled it in for myself. Alas, I suspect that a great many people never even look at their profile edit page or understand what that field is for. Any ideas how we can encourage better attention, especially given the way so many people don’t even fill in the basic info when they join?


A map of members would be interesting. The badge for the most exotic location would probably go to the guy from St.Helena island who posted here some time ago. Haven’t noticed anyone posting from the Antarctic or some more faraway place.



Perhaps as part of the registration process there should be an explanation of how important it is to fill in the 3 tech questions and the location as they make it possible to answer correctly.
Perhaps showing how to find the graphic card info and pointing out the importance of being specific about the operating system and the year model of SU, as things have changed over the last couple of versions.