Ho Hum after more than 12 months...that's all a dash line?

Also another point which would have been a great improvement in the real world of 3D. Circles and curves in SU are made from straight edges, yet Adobe Illustrator has perfect smooth curves?

Fusion 360 has beautiful smooth curves all suited to say CNC cutting files, but SU has this very clunky IU and yet it seems the team at SU think this is acceptable???

There are so many real world improvements it’s crazy, I like to point out an observation I once had of Apple. Apple was very creative in coming up with a iphone …easy to use, etc etc…then people would sleep out awaiting the new product with fists full of dollars…now frankly this is a manufactures dream.

Then Apple was run by a CEO mentality and a corporate mentality…give the punters a trickle of innovation each year and we have them hooked. Slowly the overnight lines died down to nothing, mediocre innovation was hyped by sooth sayers on stage. And now many look to another manufacturers with innovations and Apple sales start to become lack lustre and production is cut. Thats because they are now too corporate for good innovation, nothing to excite the buyers with fistful of dollars, why because the “buying public” yes us the ones with the money wanted cooler devices, new designs, lateral thinking, prestige …so I hope this is not where SU is heading by not listing to peoples wish lists and you setting your own perceived agenda of Ecosystems…I will leave this great story.

A manufacturer was talking on a plane to an advertising exec, who said " How can I make products that people want to buy ? "…the ad man replied “Why that’s easy, make them what they want !” and here in lies the corporate issues of companies NOT listening to their customers, but telling the customers what they will have not what they want.


I sentiments entirley !!! Well said they are telling us not listening and as you and I know we want real innovation to make our day to day tasks better and easier, that way we make more money and very happy enough to pay more for a product that keeps delivering.


Well John that may well explain what your doing, but it does not excuse SU for not delivering a better product for us the everyday consumer.


It is somewhat surprising to hear that your SU2015 build of LayOut performs faster than the SU2019 build. Can you share more information about this so we can reproduce your experience in our testing lab? Have you done a side-by-side comparison with the same document on the same hardware?

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As I said, we address core performance, stability and usability issues in our core product with every release. In fact, that same core product is now available (in different forms) on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and natively in your web browser… with the addition of a wide variety of different AR/VR platforms thrown in for good measure.

If there are specific bugs you’re experiencing that we haven’t addressed, I’m always keen to hear about them in more detail. It can sometimes feel like they are totally obvious, but without knowing exactly how you are configured it can be tough to know what you’re experiencing.

For convenience, here’s something I posted in the thread “20 Reasons to consider learning Blender” thread:

Thanks, Steve- I think about just this every single day. And for that reason, we (as a team) always try to maintain a balance of work on core performance, basic usability and new features. In this release cycle, most of those new features are in products and services that surround SketchUp rather than being implemented in the core application.

I’m particularly pleased that you see the value in LayOut, expanding from our core modeling usability principles into the world of 2D drafting and presentation graphics. We spent more time improving LayOut in the last three releases than most folks seem to have noticed :wink:

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The more I think about this, the more I’m thinking that this is, for me anyway, a very disappointing update.

From my perspective, I can’t believe that pretty much all of the various feature requests I’ve read over the last year or so have been ignored, apart from dashed lines.

It is certainly no update/upgrade for me. The zooming issue in Layout, the ONLY issue I have, has not been resolved.

But, then there’s features such as being able to dimension a circle or arc in Layout with either a radius or diameter. Why has that not been added? Different Dimension Styles? What about aligning the tool operations in Layout with the way the tools work in Sketchup? What about sorting out the Rotate tool in Layout? What about components in Layout? To name a few.

To me, it seems there has been no improvements at all. I don’t understand what Trimble has been doing. VR/AR, great, but what about improving the actual product? I also don’t understand ‘Unlimited Cloud Storage’. This would imply to me that Trimble have infinite storage facilities. Seems a big claim when most other Cloud storage facilities have limits.

Anyway, for now, I’ll be sticking with 2018. It’s stable on my system and works well, (apart from Layout zoom on my iMac). Just hope Trimble continue the support for 2018.



It is certainly the case that most folks come to SketchUp because they are frustrated with the inflexibility and complexity of other 3D modeling applications, but modeling alone doesn’t keep them.

To be really efficient designers need a context to present their models and collaborate with others on a team. That’s the sort of thing we’re working on with LayOut, 3D Warehouse and Trimble Connect— as well as with our new line of VR viewers.

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Hi @jbacus

It’s not Sketchup 2015, it’s the fact that Layout performs better on my 2015 MacBook Pro i7 2.2GHz 16GB RAM Machine running High Sierra than on my new 2018 iMac i7 4.2 GHz 40GB RAM machine running Mojave. I’m running Sketchup Pro 2018 on both machines. Tried Sketchup 2019 on my iMac and absolutely no difference.


It may be that none of the features we built into the SketchUp desktop client appeal to you this year, and if so you are of course welcome to continue using SU2018 as long as you wish. If you are active in your Maintenance and Support, you are entitled to an upgrade to SU2019 and can install it or not as you wish. It is probably worth dong so if for no reason other than getting access to our latest performance and reliability improvements.

Unlimited cloud storage is something we can offer because we’ve been pretty careful with our business model. Practically speaking, the cost of cloud storage capacity isn’t what makes a difference to that model (rather, it is the cost of bandwidth and/or the application development work to make it accessible to you).

All I want is for Layout zoom to be fixed.

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There is no “one fits all” app, that’s for sure. The extra functions are at best “neat”, but not much more than that to me.

In an everlasting battle against time on projects, Sketchup was for a long time, and still is in some ways a god-send. Sketchup needs to keep up with the times, there is a lot of things happening in 3D. To see the yearly investment put in all places but the main application is discouraging to say the least.

To put it in context I’m a garden designer, I use Sketchup for the “layout” and hardscape. Blender, xfrog (and some other small apps) for plants, rocks, landscape. And Lumion for putting it all together to a rendered result.

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Lucky you Ratatosk Lumion is my dream renderer but I am on Mac and they don’t support macs

Lumion is awesome! Such a time saver. And the best thing: Lumion customer support and how they integrate customer feedback into new versions is the best I’ve witnessed in the whole industry.

I agree with this. And, unlimited Cloud Storage. Not a game changer for me when I, and every client I work with, use Dropbox.

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:cry:…Don’t tell me anymore !!! That Lumion is amazing !!! ■■■■ might have to buy a PC just Lumion alone

That is interesting- your 2015 MacBook Pro may have a better GPU than your (newer) iMac, but other than that I can’t think what the difference might be. I’ll check in with the QA gang to see if there’s something going on that we don’t know about. I can well understand why this would be frustrating to you!

Sounds like you have a great process for your landscaping projects- I can well imagine that a photorealistic rendering environment like Lumion (with procedural trees and other vegetation) would be something that you value. Then again, Lumion doesn’t have modeling tools like SketchUp’s… so really it makes more sense to use them together. I don’t think the market yet has a single product which does both realtime vegetation rendering and hard surface modeling in one package, but that would be really useful to you if it existed, I imagine. Maybe Blender and Xfrog can do this?

Have you had a look at the workflow from Epic between SketchUp Pro and the Unreal game engine? Pretty neat stuff, there.

There are several additional advantages to using Trimble Connect over Dropbox, though by all means if you have a process that works for you there you should keep using it. If you’re open to making a change, however, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Connect understands SketchUp models (as well as a dozen other common BIM formats) and can preview them in your client’s web browser
  2. Connect includes version control for SketchUp models, so you can track back through changes you have made
  3. Connect includes clash detection and other kinds of model coordination tools

Fo a nice preview of the reasons why Connect makes a better model sharing platform for SketchUp users, check out Aaron’s latest video on the subject.