Help with opening Sketchup pro 2018 on new computer

SketchUp.exe - System Error

“The code execution cannot proceed because
SketchUp CommonPreferences.dll was not found. Reinstalling
the program may fix this problem”

So, I redownloaded 2018 from Sketchup site, selected REPAIR as one of the options and now it begins to open and remains stuck showing ribbons but not the axis lines with avatar person. When I check task manager its burning up 18%+ of cpu in the attempt to open.

When I originally downloaded 2 days ago with another extension as well (LightUp) it all worked fine. I was getting a warning today that my Local Disk E was almost full so I emptied my recycle bin and a few apps I thought were not necessary… maybe oooops!?

Any suggestions?

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator? If not, do that now and then select the Repair options.

Does your computer also have an integrated Intel graphics chip? Open the Nvidia control panel and make sure it is set as the one that SketchUp uses. It’s not uncommon for Windows updates to screw with the default graphics settings and change it to the integrated Intel chip so you have to watch that.

What do you mean by “ribbons”?

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