Help-need rendering program

I’m searhing for best FREE or with crack 3d rendering program…help please…

Seriously, you are asking for Cracked software, that’s a great way to get yourself banned and if I had the ability I would do it on the spot.

sry i didnt know thath rule…could anyone give me answer ?

That rule!!! Cracked software is theft. Nothing more nothing less. Do you need rules to tell you right from wrong.

I habituated on liberty of other sites…sry i said…

I went to a Sketchup site based in vietnam(?) before… it was just like any regular forum in that it had a tutorial section, a layout section, etc… but then it also had a crack forum… it all seemed perfectly normal to them or, it didn’t seem frowned upon like it is at most u.s / western europe based sites.

anyway, at this forum, I personally wouldn’t consider asking for pirated software being a ban-able offense… sharing pirated software on the other hand…

(just my opinion)

It’s just my opinion too Jeff, to me it’s chicken and egg, or drug dealer and junkie, if people ask for it it creates a market and so on. Leave a broken window unfixed and soon more get broken…
if it’s ok to ask then it soon becomes ok to PM the answer.

yeah, i see what you’re saying.
i definitely think it’s ok to let the person know this type of activity is not acceptable around here… which you’ve clearly done :wink:

This is a problem that Sketchup and other software companies need to address. This not a users problem.
you may think it is an insurmountable problem. I have been a paid user of a lot of software packages, Sketchup and Autodesk for which I pay thousands of dollars per year.
I currently am doing projects in the Balkans and other Asian countries. Believe it or not,ways to prevent software piracy do exist.but companies refuse to put that infrastructure in place because it hurts the bottom line.
Instead they would rather push government into making it a criminal act, acting as cops.
Most of the countries I have done work in get these software packages unpaid for, faster than my venders can get them to me.
Many of these countries don’t have copyright reciprocity, why should they enforce US copyright laws.? There is no incentive to do so.
I can understand Saruman not realizing his understanding, while at the same time, it is the software companies having dropped the ball.
Fully Paid For Subscriber.

And you can probably add in even more if you factor in the frequent hardware upgrades necessary to adequately run the software.

I think its outrageous that we’re in a place in time where the cost of just trying to stay current with software versions may very well be the largest monthly expense you could have in your life. ahead of a car payment, a rent payment, or in someplace even a house payment. I just never thought I’d see this day come, but it’s more or less here.

Ethics, Morality, or even Criminality aside,… this problem will never get fixed if the software companies keep up their current pricing model.

… and incidentally I don’t think SketchUp is an example of unreasonably priced software.

I think one of the reasons Sketchup is more popular in other countries is
because they offer the non pro versions free of cost. Also, the paid
version is almost at a price point 2nd and 3rd world users can handle. (not
easily). I am currently working in a country that has an average annual
wage between 6 and 9,000 per year. Auto desk products are never going to
compete in those places, pirating is not illegal, and they think you are
crazy if you actually buy a license.
If you have two identical cars for sale, one for a dollar, and the other
for 60k, which one would you buy.
If the software companies could provide less pirate able products, they
will have the ability to make it affordable, and expand into those (200)
world markets.
I think Sketchup is almost there.

and how would they do that other than possibly require some sort of hardware/dongle for their stuff to run?

(i’m not saying it’s impossible to make less crackable software… just wondering what the solution is that you’ve mentioned a couple of times)

You have got me, not being a programer, all I can give as an example is a
program I use for miscellaneous structural analysis called “Enercalc”.The
program uses a closer tie in to the software company that requires a log
in to verify that I am a legit user. I need to log in and log out before
before I can log in to use it on another computer. I am the only licensed
If I am on the road, I transfer my license to my laptop. If someone steals
or I break my laptop, I can transfer my license, which shuts down any
pirated copies that are not in my name/license. The program will not work
unless I personally log in on my computer as a single user.
No additional software Dongle is needed.
I think with all the really smart programers at Sketchup or Autodesk they
haven’t come up with a solution. I am always amazed at the pure genius, who
I am in awe, can’t seem to do it.

Every piece of software that I’ve seen which requires a dongle, always seems to be related to music. Is there any CAD program which requires one?

I previously considered purchasing ArchiCAD (an AutoCAD competitor). The software required a USB type dongle at that time.

Try Twilight Render, they have a free version that’s very usable.

Every single word is true :smile:

Tnx on advice mgrainer


You also may want to take a look at Visualizer. This software is inexpensive, easy to use, and works well with SketchUp 2015