Help lines and wall

I’m developing a plugin. It basically does the following, I click and it pops up a pencil where drawing lines.

Then … when I click with the right mouse button.

It Creates the wall according to the line.

But I need to do the following.

I’ll add the lines. and it will put those lines in an array.
to end by clicking with the right mouse button. it then creates the part and zeroes the array to a new one.

but what happens is that it selects everything on the screen. and does not create the next walls …

I wanted to create lines and it really goes up the line that I am

summing up: WHEN I click on 2 points it loads the line … so it adds that to an array, so that’s what I’m going to create the wall

We have no idea what you could be doing wrong as you’ve posted no code snippet(s).

SEE: [How to] Colourize code on the forum? (wiki)

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Please update your forum profile with sensible information. “2” is hardly a SketchUp version, Operating System, or Graphics card, and if you are developing a plugin you cannot be using SketchUp Free (Web) because it does not have that capability! Asking for this info may seem like an invasion of privacy, but in many cases it helps us focus down to a specific cause and answer a question quickly instead of having to go through multiple rounds of “what do you really have?”.

Also, as @DanRathbun observed, without seeing some code or at minimum a more detailed pseudo-code we can’t even guess what might be wrong.