Grouping items extends below items

wow I guess I didn’t zoom in enough. Did I do the grouping/layering correctly?

Evidently you selected those tiny edges with the rest of the geometry when you created the group. As far as the tags are concerned, no, you didn’t do the tagging correctly. Here is the result of correcting that and untagging all of the geometry.
Screenshot - 3_27_2023 , 11_39_01 AM

I also purged unused stuff from your model which reduced file size by about 25%. That
Screenshot - 3_27_2023 , 11_39_34 AM

Here is the resulting file. You may need to go through the model and assign tags to some of the groups/component. Just don’t assign tags to geometry.

OK I see where I went wrong. I was creating a tag then drawing on that tag then grouping the items when I should be drawing on the untagged, grouping and then assigning that group to its affiliated tag.

Thanks again for the assistance.


Yes. What you were doing is incorrect. It also makes it more likely you’ll create errors when you forget to change the active tag and it’s also a whole lot more work than you need to do. Leave Untagged as active and assign tags to the groups and components in the model by selecting them and choosing the tag in the Tag drop down list in Entity Info.

It might help to think about putting tags on objects instead of putting objects on tags. Name tags go on people or labels go on cans and jars. That kind of thing.

Using the correct workflow of assigning the tags to the objects, when it comes time to edit those objects, the tag doesn’t matter. You don’t even need to know or care that the Roof tag is applied to the roof group when you want to edit that group.