Grid in Layout is rubbish

How can I make the grid or pixels usable for putting scale etc in in?
Thanks for a answer


What does this mean? What are you trying to show?

The grid is not correct
I cannot put the right scale and measurment in it

Upload the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve done. And tell us what scale and measurement you are after.


to big file

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

I am allready preparring that…

OK. I have the file. I see you haven’t created a scene in SketchUp for the view in LayOut which pretty much guarantees you’ll have problems in LayOut if you go back to the SketchUp file to make any changes.

As I wrote before…

Please make it possible to help you.

So I see in this latest file you are using the same scene for all of the views in your document. Also not a good practice.

But looking at your files doesn’t give any clue as to what problem you are having and what you want to do.


I will let DaveR address your original Layout post but be aware that you have a 21MB toilet and some other large size components in your model. You might want to consider replacing them with lower poly versions as these can affect the performance of SU as well as LayOut



Yes I know.

I know, but I think this has nothing to do with the problem I mentioned…

You have yet to actually mention a problem.

Is your complaint related to the pixelated lines in the viewports? If that’s all it is, render the viewports as Vector or Hybrid to get vector lines instead of rasterized lines.

Vector in the top viewport, raster on the bottom.

correct, this shouldn’t have anything to do with your original post. I thought I would just provide some extra insight. :slight_smile:


Yes that is it. But how do I change this?

Select the viewport and change the render type in the SketchUp Model panel.

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As a challenge, I went ahead and made a low-poly version of the toilet. It was quick but if you want it… it is yours :slight_smile:

Sphinx Acanto Wandcloset Rimfree_ LOWPOLY_2016.skp (104.6 KB)