Global position change?


Me again…lol…

I have a grid of columns that are at 1.747m centres and I want to make them 1.750m centres

I there a way of selecting all and changing the centres?

I know scale ‘could’ achieve this, but it would also increase the diameter of the columns…



Would the increase in the diameter be even perceptible? It’s only 3 parts in 1747, or less than 0.2%.

Are the columns components? If not, why not? If they are, then after scaling the array of columns, you can scale the contents of one column back to the original diameter.

Or just redraw the whole thing at the right spacing?

Should only take seconds or at most a few minutes.

I don’t fully understand your image. Could you upload the relevant part of your model (the .skp file) as well as the image, so we can understand it better?

What are the columns for, and are some (as the green ones appear to be) of different heights? And not so many in some rows as in others?