Give users a vector guide edge during while custom tool working

I’m trying to create something like edge or line which users can select what direction they would like to go and send vector of that edge to work on tools after that.

As in the picture, What I’m working on is after I’ve activated my tool, the edge going to pop up and limit space so that you can choose only one out of these 2 edges. After the selection, selected edge’s vector will send to work in tool after that.
I’m not quite sure what I should search and seek for in forum. This might’ve been done already or not but if there have any forum for this topics please help me here.

I don´t understand what you´re trying to say. There are plugins like vertex tools that uses a gizmo to move, rotate and scale objects, there´s also a new plugin from curic called gizmo that could be the solution your looking for.

Me neither

I guess it is belongs to Ruby API and the examples can be see here:
GitHub - SketchUp/sketchup-ruby-api-tutorials: SketchUp Ruby API Tutorials and Examples


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Did you understand what did he write?

Yeah, at least the concept, I guess. :wink:
She/he wants to make a custom tool (Extension) where the user needs to select one of two highlighted edges, then this selected edge vector used for some (unknown) purpose of the tool.

To pick lines (not drawing elements), you can use the “pick_segment” method of the PickHelper.

What I trying to work on is to give user choices to choose direction where my custom tool going to create something depend on that direction. I want to communicate with them through some line that can show them and let them choose those direction.