Geometric Constrains


I am trying to use SketchUp Web for my DT GCSE, however I am unable to find any geometric constraints in the application. I was wondering if anyone could help.

I used NX (Siemens) in the summer, as well as Catia, and I was able to find this tool, however I seem to not be able to find anything similar to these in the SketchUp Web.

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The arrow keys are used to constrain to the axes, with the down arrow for a perpendicular constraint.
Other than this, SketchUp uses an automatic inferencing system. Sometimes you need to pause moving the mouse to let the inferences “catch up”.

List of online product guides

Other than the differences in the web vs desktop GUIs, the modeling engine works the same in SU4web as on the Desktop. (So you can use both user guides.)

Unfortunately, SketchUp is not a constraint-based 3D modeling system (like Catia or NX). Rather, it is an edge-based polygon mesh modeler, typically used for the design and documentation of architectural projects.

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War and Peace? :smiley:

My daughter was supposed to learn NX in a course last semester, and I was hopeless trying to help her. My impression was it was like me throwing my students into dynamic components on day one before even mastering zooming and navigation. Interesting concept and functionality that could be useful. Kind of like the graphic equivalent to formulas in Excel?

Check out the new kid on the block, Altair Inspire Studio:

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