Generate Report 2022

I have been looking at Generate report in Sketchup 2022. It seems it may be very useful when creating a BOM that I can export in to a spreadsheet and modify accordingly. However, I am having trouble understanding where the fields are when creating components/groups. For example where is the Entity Description field, the material field, etc and how do you access it to edit it? Some fields are accessible in the Entity Info screen and the Component Information screen but not all.

There numerous fields/columns to choose from in Generate report, but again I can not figure out how to access them. I suspect that some are located in Dynamic components.


The Description field is available in the Create Component wwindow and also if you select the component in the Components panel.

That comes from materials if they are applied to the components. If the materials are applied to the faces inside the component they won’t be read by the report generator. In this example I had already applied the material to the faces in the model but I applied the same material to the component containers to get them to show in the report. The material on the container is not displayed because materials on faces take precendence.

Thanks Dave! I did discover where the description field was right after I submitted the post. :upside_down_face: