Funky Keyboard from Sydney Startup for hotkey lovers

Just stumbled on this prototype keyboard being developed by an Australian Startup… worth a look

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Nice idea, but not at that price.

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Yes, but considering its a small startup they won’t have the benefits of scale yet to bring the price down… and the benefit of seeing all your shortcuts for all your software is a big productivity boost… and the pricing is not outrageous ( i.e. Vision Pro eye watering), my buggy HP wireless cost me $230 aud and only has 12 programmable keys…

Guess it depends on your work case… with personal shortcuts for draftsight, sketchup, layout, affinity designer, coreldraw, powerpoint, Neo and occasionally needing a Vietnamese keyboard keeping them consistent and accessible is a challenge

True, but then I use a mechanical keyboard and an android tablet with all my shortcuts on a touchscreen.
I can see that it would be a nice tool but they may be aiming at too small a demographic. Maybe a few less bells and whistles and a lower pricepoint, but then we could be talking sketchup too.

How is your android (samsung?) tablet feeding keyboard shortcuts into your PC?

I use Touch Portal, yes Samsung.

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I like their sense of humor:
“We are from the future, due to time zone differences.” LOL
I like it, but I have a hard time forking over $450 and waiting till (hopefully) the beginning of 2024, but then again I’m from the past.


I like it too, and have subscribed to be informed, but agree that 450 usd, probably the base price without the addons is pretty steep for an old fart without much income.
And even old I’m in the present.

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Looking it up now … thanks

Sort of gone off topic, or Topic Adjacent, one might say.


I have a cheap old android permanently connected by usb that has multiple pages of shortcuts that I use. It sits between my keyboard and Graphic tablet usually but I often shift it around depending on what I’m working on. I have 104 well lit large buttons for my standard Sketchup shortcuts and a couple of other screens that I can quickly switch to for specific things. I have other dedicated pages of shortcuts for other software.
My problem has always been I’m a hunt and pecker, never been comfortable with just touch typing and my eyesight is not great. But having everything on a lit screen works well for me. Also my left hand is usually using the 3d mouse and my right hand can easily move from graphic tablet to digital tablet without the stylus getting in the way. Sometimes I’ll put it next to the 3d mouse and use it with my left hand, my workspace is pretty fluid. I often work with a mouse too in the same way.

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not really, its all about key mapping… ps uploaded that “Touch Portal” onto my Samsung Tab s4… too sleepy it install tonight will look at it tomorrow… looks interesting too!

Just got the Pre-order info 707 dollars isn’t going to work for me.

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Wow! Thats a bit much!

Not worth, I’ll stay with the Logitech MX Keys S.