Frustrating dimensions in Layout

And If we could choose and insert the 2D section slice of a Sketchup section plan, Now that the section plans are numbered?
It would be easier to add dimensions on this.

It is possible!:+1:

That’s possible now in LO 2018?! I’ve got to try that. Thanks for the tip.

I think all you want to know is GIF:

I’m sorry about the inconveniences of forgetting to save the SketchUp file before returning to LayOut file.



Ok, but how?
The only way I know is to copy it in sketchup and paste it in layout. But in this case you can’t update the slice easily.
I would like to be able to choose a section slice from LO on a dedicated menu

What is your SketchUp version?

Pro 2018 on Mac
Could you explain the way you do it?

After you’ve done the model in SketchUp, you make the cuts that you think necessary, create the appropriate scenes, send to LayOut, select the scene you want to show, place the dimensions you need in the cuts that appear in each scene … After done if you make changes to the SketchUp, save it and update in LayOut, everything changes automatically. That’s why Sketchup + LayOut was designed for.

Is not that what you want?

Ha! of course it is already what I do.
Sorry I did not explain myself well.
I would like to put the dimensions on a 2D slice and not on a 3D slice.
the 2D slice is what you get by right clicking on a slice in sketchup.
I would like to be able to directly obtain a 2D slice in Layout by choosing a numbered slice.
In this way I am sure that the obtained dimensions would be good because there would be no ambiguity on the points of hooks.
I hope my explanation is clearer this time :slight_smile:

I think I understand … but do you think this really is the best way to work with LayOut for you?

By the way, do you work with SketchUp styles? If you both want to separate some specific cuts (or elevations and plans) from the model to add dimensions in LayOut, styles are the best way to show the same thing you want most appropriately in the different shapes that the drawings should be presented in the documentation

Yes, I use it regularly different styles that I superpose in layout so that my interlocutors can understand the context.
But for the plans used in the workshop I want to present very simple 2D views of the parts that need to be made.

If you combine the section cut, style and the fog tool you can do it and I think it’s an easier way to do what you want and get synchronized at the same time to adapt the LayOut instantly to an upset you did not SketchUp.

With Eneroth fog tool (it is a plugin) you can hide everything that is behind the cut and you don´t want to show because you just want a simple cut.

You can download it here:

How, where and when to use:

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Hello, I did not know Eneroth fog tool. I will take the time to try it.
Thank you

You are welcome :beers:

This is deriving out of topic, but fog is a raster only feature.

Another thing that shouldn’t happen is hybrid or vector not being on par with raster. I understand that raster is changed by gradients flat vector colors, but everything else should display the same. In hybrid, there’s no reason it isn’t mimicking exactly the sketchup viewport, but the fact is that it doesn’t

Setting the length of extension lines on dimensions should be an option. I hate having to pull them all back to the same length to keep things neat. I don’t use a consistent offset from the origin, but have all my dimensions set out around the perimeter of the building. Anyone have a plug in or alternative? Matching properties doesn’t work as it matches the distance away from the origin…Floor plan dimensions.pdf (298.5 KB)

Small tip, Ron: if you want to make sure someone sees what you write, you need to ping them by using their tag. Mine is @simoncbevans and yours is @ron.

One feature of LO that is different to, say Autocad’s Paperspace is that it’s not tied to one drawing. Or even one Trimble thing. You can pull in different drawings and images in the one presentation document and that can be very handy indeed. Whether that is impossible if SU and LO were combined, I’m not sure (just as I am not too sure about AC’s capability so long after I stopped using it).

I don’t know if there is a technical reason for this but what would be handy is if LO were able to recognize the type of thing being imported and choose a default rendering to suit (which you could still change if you wanted). The default raster is probably right for 3D presentations but it is usually wrong for 2D line drawings. In architecture, we still rely heavily on 2D drawings for conveying information. Planning departments and others require them, builders understand them, etc. I am forever importing drawings in 2D and then forgetting to change the rendering until I print out and realize the quality is rubbish.

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not all architects… I was doing 3d documents in 1987 [datacad]