From which Windows process are extension executed?

I want to monitor the process of a SketchUp extension on Windows 10, but I am unsure which Windows process executes extensions.

I do not see a process named for the extension or a process for Ruby.

I do see two processes under the SketchUp Application:

  1. one for my opened SketchUp file
  2. one named sketchup_webhelper.exe

Are either of these processes responsible for the opening of files and network access for an extension?

Thanks in advance.

Extensions are run by a Ruby interpreter that is embedded within the SketchUp process itself. There is no separate process you can monitor. You can, however, use the sketchup Ruby debugger interface to control the execution of an extension from various code development suites.

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Helpful information–thank you!

Any idea what the sketchup_webhelper.exe is used for?

I’m attempting to use Windows privacy settings to block extensions access to files outside of SketchUp and my drawings folder.

I don’t know that the developers have ever publicly documented the details. The dribs and drabs I’ve seen here suggest that some of SketchUp’s dialogs are implemented as web pages, and the sketchup_webhelper.exe acts like a sort of local server to support them.