[FR] Eye dropper for components

I don’t know hoe many times I’ve wanted to pick up a component to see its statistics, change its description or do something else with it in the component browser. The material browser already has an eye dropper tool so I suggest adding a similar one for the component browser.

Unlike materials components can be nested but I think the best behavior would be to pick up the uppermost component in the hierarchy. If users want to pick up its child component they can just dive into it and then use the eye dropper.


pick the component, and entity info?

What about just move/copy?

The statistics and description isn’t shown in entity info. Deleting the definitions can’t be done from there either.


I always just used @thomthom’s Seleciton Toy to select all instances and just delete, then purge. (for deleting the definitions) But, yeah it is long way around and native methods would be better.


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Do Component Replacer do what you want? Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

It’s a nice plugin but doesn’t really solve these issues. Being able to pick up a component just as you can do with materials would be very helpful in so many situations.