Follow Me Tool problems

Problem 1

I have the following FIGURE 1
When I use the follow me tool, I get an empty space: see red arrow in FIGURE 2


Problem 2

to eliminate the polygons, I found a tutorial which says that when you design the follow me circle to define “96s” to get a good circle. The problem is that then the follow me shape if completely different than expected!

FIGURE 3 is what I get

why is that? :frowning:


add your skp file , but i’m sure it’s a size issue…

As John says, it’s a size issue. The more faces you add on an object of a given size, the smaller the faces are. When the size of a face gets down to about 1mm (.04") in the smallest dimension, it disappears. Scale your profile up by 100x, then try it. Afterwards, you can scale it back down to full size.


plastic003.skp (1.1 MB)


yes; it is very small; will try designing it large and then scale it down later

scaling it up 10x with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool worked on your skp for me…


Thanks people! Now I can use again my shoe-rack :blush: