Follow Me circle / part of sphere

follow me circle correction.skp (121.3 KB)
Part of the ball is not flush. A correction of the line in the circle has been explained but I can’t find it in the history.
Pls. explain again.

You should use the hidden geometry to align the segments…
See these hints by Dave: Follow Me along an arc.... issue?

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Cotty has given you a good link but I’ll answer here with your model too.

The path and the profile need to be perpendicular, not an issue with a circle, but because the circle segments are at an angle to each other, when you cut them at the vertex you get an angled path.
Therefore rotate the circle half a segment so that when you cut it you are cutting at right angles to the segment. This gives you a beginning and end segment that is perpendicular to the profile.
Much harder to explain than to do.
Half Segment