Finding the location of a group

There seems to be no direct mehod to tell the location of a group or any information about a group’s bounding box(?)
Instead I must create a new bounding box by applying the group’s transformation to the the group’s “local_bounds”. Then I can find the center and corners of the resulting bounding box.

Or maybe there’s something else in the API I’m missing?

For the location and other info about its orientation, invoke methods on the Group’s Transformation, obtained via

t = g.transformation

For example, the Group’s coordinates axis origin is at


A Group inherits the .bounds method from DrawingElement to get its bounding box.

Duh! I’m always forgetting about the inheritance I’ll obtain from my rich uncle DrawingElement.


Uncle DrawingElement is elusive and tends to hide in the family’s photo album. We should throw him a party so everybody can meet him.