Finding Nested Groups - Rotating Nested Groups


I’m sure this topic has been covered many time before but as a bit of a refresher I am trying to figure out the best way to lock down on a specific group that is nested about three deep in other groups.

maingroup -> doorassembly -> door -> doorhw

I can identify the group by its instance name. Once I obtain a handle for that group (doorhw) I would like to rotate it within its parent group relative to the origin of the parent group (door). I would like to fully document how to do something like this so that a good example is provided for other developers for future reference.


The transformation of the group instance IS relative to it’s parent’s coordinate system.
So, create the kind of transform you desire (see the Geom::Transformation class,) and apply it to the instance.

ADD: To rotate around the parent’s origin, just use [0,0,0] or ORIGIN as the base point of the rotational transformation.