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While not its intended purpose, have found Layout to be very useful in the creation process of formal essays and papers. The pages can be a repository of text clips, URLs and images during the research and writing phase. A simple “Find Text” function would be very helpful for this purpose. Be nice to see something like that. Thanks.

And of course, having direct access to SketchUp allows me to created illustrations during the process.

I can see how this might be achieved in theory if your were using LO text elements but it would probably be quite testing if you wanted to include imported elements, especially if some are being handled effectively as images (in the same way that many PDFs are not searchable for text).

You are certainly using the software in a manner never conceived but it’s great to think it could be adaptable to unimagined purposes.

Great. I understand there may be limitations - the PDFs you mention- but these could be key worded with layout text as a workaround. Hope something can materialize. I find that the process with Layout is much more flexible and non-linear than say a word document.

Find and replace text would be useful for everyone, not only in your scenario. It’s been asked before but still not implemented, unfortunately.

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