Fillet on a 45 degree angle

I’m trying to put a fillet on a surface that is at a 45 degree angle, NO luck so far. Is this possible?

Firstly, you should update your profile to show the version of Sketchup you are using. This info can be crucial in helping you.

Secondly, as the prompt in the box suggests, it also helps if you upload the file you are having problems with. Otherwise we have to try and guess what is going on.

If you are adding to a simple shape, you can offset then move the outline to get a simple 45 degree edge…



Overton marble holder.skp (1.2 MB)
I’m trying to put a fillet on the 45 degree triangle.

A fillet where, it’s not clear from the model what you want to do.
By the way, the blue faces are back faces, you should only see white faces on the outside of your models.

Profile updates. Using Pro 2018

New attached file should give better example.

Overton marble holder.skp (1.2 MB)
I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work.

You basically need to make a cutting section of the shape you want to remove, then intersect it with your shape and remove the excess. Create a flat face add the arcs and pushpull it over length. Then use it to intersect.
If you are using extensions, I would suggest Tig’s extrude edges by vector, part of his extrusion toolset, to drag your arcs along the length of your shape to make your cutter.
I would recommend you make a copy of the component and scale it up before editing it or you will run foul of the tiny faces issue.
It would be easier to make the shape square then cut your angle.

Here’s what I would do:
Create a new face showing the roundover at the top, and make it 90 degrees to the long end of the square piece. Use Follow Me to extrude that face all the way along the length of that square piece, then a short way past the far end. Select all the geometry in the extrusion and the square piece and go to Edit>Intersect Faces>With Selection. Erase the unwanted parts. As Box advised, scale up a copy of the piece before intersecting the faces. It’s popularly known as the Dave Method.

Thanks… I appreciate it.

Sorry I got called away so replied by phone before.
Here is a version using p/p.

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a very manual way to do it.
follow mw back to half way point, add additional lines at end using hidden geometry. Do this on half of it and copy and reflect that for the other half.
Fredos’ round corner or fredo corner is also an option if you type in the offset 3.175… then a small amount of cleanup.