File Broken?

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When my student was creating this file, one set of handles was white while the other crossing handle was that “greyish blue”. She “fixed” it when she reversed the faces. Will this print properly?
Bird Feeder.skp (209.5 KB)

I don’t see any reversed faces in the model. The basket currently isn’t printable due to some internal faces and the “external face” skinning over the central hole.

The internal faces are located at the corners.
Screenshot - 2_22_2024 , 10_56_17 AM

When those are fixed the basket should be solid and printable.
Removing the internal faces will look like this.
Screenshot - 2_22_2024 , 10_57_10 AM

Have the student make a component or group of the basket geometry without including the 3D text so they can identify if it’s solid and printable or not. I’ve done that here and with the top level group opened for editing and both components inside selected, Entity Info shows them both as solid components.

Bird Feeder solids.skp (212.1 KB)

Genius! got it! Thank you!

Hi Dave!

I hope you are doing well and you are experiencing some wonderful weather! I am struggling with teaching students how to engrave letters on the face of a product. Would you be able to explain this to me?


Hi Michael.

Thank you. It’s been raining so much lately I’m thinking I need to build an ark. At least it’s not 12 inches of snow like we had on this day a few years ago!

I’d be happy to help you out. I’ll drop you a pm.

I went ahead and recorded a video. Sent the link in a PM.

Hi Dave! thanks for the video. I hope to check it out this afternoon. I appreciate you!

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YOU ROCK, DAVE!!! Thank you!

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