Feature Request: Logarithmic Scale for File Size and Polygon Sliders

I use 3D Warehouse mainly for architectural space planning, not so hot on the rendering work. As such, I really appreciate small models to keep the overall file size down.

A slightly annoying thing I contend with are the File Size and Polygon Count sliders. I look for models that are less than 1MB normally, with minimal polygon count. That means that the sliders are tiny! And I still can’t filter my selection to get smaller than 1MB (the best models for me).

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 13.03.35

This problem would be solved for me if the sliders are logarithmic, and not linear as they are currently. I think this makes sense, as there isn’t much of a difference to a human between 30MB and 40MB model, but a 0.5MB model is very different to a 10.5MB model!

This is an example of a logarithmic slider:

And some discussion on the vue slider-component that 3D warehouse seems to use:

Would be really happy to hear what others think.


Same, yes please.

Numeric sliders without numeric input field are criminal.

Yes - this is so frustrating. I also like to keep my components under 1MB, and ever since they changed it, I can’t find any components in the warehouse that are small enough. My file size is huge now and my computer keeps freezing. It sucks. They really need to change the slider so it filters down to 1MB instead of 5MB being the smallest.