Faces disapeared

While I was working on my model, all my faces suddenly became invisible. I checked and it is not on x ray mode or wireframe. It is on hidden line but the lines are not hidden. When I change to shaded mode I can see the change, but the lines are still not hidden. The faces are still definitely there because they turn grey when I point the cursor on them but the lines are still not hidden.
Please help. This is stopping me from working on my model.

Did you perhaps press K, which is the shortcut for back edges?

if you change ‘Style’s’, do the faces re-appear?


No, I tryed that

I might have pressed K. So what’s that and how do I undo it?

It toggles on Back Edges. Press K again and it’ll toggle them off.

Just tried, nothing changed. :frowning:

How about at least showing us a screen shot. Better, upload the model so we can see it and don’t have to guess at what it is you’re seeing.

kitchen plan.skp (499.5 KB)

It’s kind of odd. It’s no Back Edges that were showing. I switched the camera to Perspective and the faces showed up. There are some missing ones and a bunch of reversed faces that need to be fixed.

Ok… Cool I think. What are reversed faces?

The blue faces. The front faces are white.

I’m trying to switch to parallel perspective but loosing my image, how do I keep it in the frame?

Perspective or Parallel Projection?

Hit Camera>Zoom Extents.

Generally it is easier to model with the camera set to Perspective.

Awesome! And I got my faces back. But I see them all white.

Change the face style to Monochrome. Look in View>Face Style.

Ok, so I got most of them blue now. What does that mean?

You need the white faces out. Right click on the blue ones and select Reverse Faces.

You really need to go to the basic tutorial videos and learn about using groups and components. It’ll make modeling much easier.

Ok. Thank you so much for the help!!!

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