Extruding Perpendicular Curved Faces

Hey guys, I cannot figure out how to extrude two perpendicular curved faces to meet in a corner that is curved on two axis. Bit hard to explain but hopefully the picture makes it obvious. I thought maybe somehow with the Follow Me tool but no luck, any help would be great!

Can you upload your model?

If the two faces have the same arc, follow me would work.

But Curviloft/skin contours would do the trick if you had a desktop version.

In the Free (web) version you’ll have to “stitch it” manually.

Turn on hidden lines so you can see curve segments. or just find the endpoints in arc segments.

Then draw arcs on rectangles connecting the large arc segment endpoints to connect the two curved edges, and then straight lines to join them and make faces.

I’ll post an image shortly, if @DaveR doesn’t get there sooner!

Follow Me


intersect faces is an option…

And here’s the start of my stitching.

Draw rectangles to keep your added arcs on plane, but delete their edges after you finish


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See this SU file for ideas.

Pulling perpendicular curved faces.skp (289.3 KB)

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@jean_lemire_1’s use of Intersect faces is the most general way to do it, and quicker than my suggestion.

Thanks! Took me a minute to figure out but this worked great.

Thanks! This makes sense to me now, I will give it a try.

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