Extruding an object using follow me



Hi Ask_For_a_Help.skp (1.0 MB)
SketchUp Community,
I have two questions:

  1. How can i extrude between two points A and B (please refer to the diagram attached.
  2. How can i measure (and create an angular line) the angular distance from L1 and L3 through L2
    I will appreciate for your kind help.
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Follow Me wouldn’t be the right tool for the job. You can do this quite easily with Native tools, however.

First extrude the profile with Push/Pull

Select the end face and its bounding edges and move the selection up.

Select just the bottom edges–the arc and the short edge segments–a move them up. This will result in the taper you’re after.

What do you mean by "angular line? Are you just trying to get the length of the arc? If you select the arc, Entity Info will tell you its length. If you need to show that length as a dimension, you’ll need to do that manually. The best place to do that would be in LayOut.


Thank you very much Dave, i get your point am working on the solution, The “angular” i was referring was the case 2 (the right building on the sketch file.) The signage with the curve shape. Let say i have two straight line L1 and L3, with their definite sizes. Now i want to create a 9.7m curved line which connects L1 and L3. How can i create a round path connecting two point with exact 9.7m, and how can you display the distance measured? Thanks


So you want to draw an arc through 90° that is exactly 9.7m long? There isn’t a native tool that allows you to specify an arc length but it’s not difficult to calculate the required radius.

As for labeling it, I would do it manually in LayOut. SketchUp doesn’t have any tools for displaying arc lengths like it does for linear dimensions.

Edit to add: Out of the cobwebby ancient history files comes a recollection of an old extension called ArcbyTools by TIG from Sketchucation. It offers a tool for drawing an arc of a given length and a given angle.


You can use the label tool, though:


Yes. You can add a label.


HI buddy,
Thanks for the tips, I got something for my brain.
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Dave, i think am still stuck somewhere, i can not do exactly what you did, that is to make a 9.7m round path. I need your help



start Arc tool, klik for centerpoint, drag the mouse cursor in a direction and type the radius.
Then hit Enter and type the Angle (90) and hit Enter:

Units: (M) eters


Thanks much and appreciate.


So did you figure it out?


Yeeeees, I did bro.