Extensions not showing up SUPRO23

I have several extensions that have been downloaded and are in the manager and are enabled and signed but do not show up on my tools list. I read somewhere researching that when I click instal to navigate to an rbi file. when I do that only extensions that are already showing up come into the window. otherwise I can’t even click the open button bc it is greyed out .

What extensions exactly. They might show in a different menu or in a sub menu or in the context menu when the right stuff is selected.

there are a few. dynamic components, edge tool, place component, mesh wrapper and tf extensions. additionally my trial of profile builder expired and when I tried to buy it wouldn’t let me pay for it.
on another note I was looking into mentorship and saw you might be a candidate… working on a big project, have spent countless hours watching tutorials and still having trouble when the tires meet the road…

Are they enabled in the extension manager, or are they actually missing?

Do you get any load errors on startup? (Box full of code when you first load up?)

yes they all show enabled