Extension Warehouse being maintained?

It does not seem like the Extension Warehouse is being maintained.

(1) Nothing happens after moderation requests on the comments.
An example, there is a guy named “Gary S.” who went around to many of the render extensions, and post “shouting” (all caps) general political / anti-commercial statements regarding the cost of rendering software. These statements (which are not specific extension reviews,) have remained on the EW for at least 7 months. All of this person’s comments need to be moderated.
… OR …
There needs to be a “Sage system” where trusted people can help moderate. 2 or 3 sages concur on removing a post and it’s gone. But the list of nominated posts for moderation need to be accessible to sages.

(2) Regarding requests for moderation, there seems to be no way to see the list of my personal requests, when I made them, and if there has been any response, or even if a moderator has even read the request. (ie, EW needs a trouble-ticketing system.)

(3) OFFTOPIC - (removed)

(4) Each extension on the EW, needs an automatic “Ask a Question” link to a topic thread here (in the Discourse forums,) under the Extensions category (or in a Extension Warehouse > FAQs/Help sub-category.) This “Ask a Question” link should be at the bottom just above the Review section, so people go to the forum to ask questions, instead of posting them in the review list.

… AND …

(5) Maybe this forum category gets an Extension Warehouse > Reviews sub-category, and each extension on the EW automatically gets a topic thread, where they can be better moderated and maintained. Then these review threads are simply displayed (in an inline frame or div or whatever,) on the extension’s EW store page. (Ie, the comment form on these pages is removed, and replaced by 2 buttons “Ask a question about this extension” and “Post a review or critique about this extension.” This way the content creation and management is done HERE on the Discourse forum, where it is easier to move the comments to the proper thread, ie reviews get posted to the question thread, and visa versa. Or other off topic questions can easily be moved to the proper category.)

** These two new sub-categories would have their “+ New topic” button (features) turned off. The only topics in these categories would be for those extensions in the EW. They would get created by the EW or by SketchUp admin personnel.

IF (4) and (5) are implemented, then (1) and (2) get solved because Discourse keeps track of moderation requests, and I believe it has a multi-flag post suppression.


Just to quote myself in a similar vein.

I hear you and this is a long time coming.

I am coming up with a strategy to get more engagement and support here in the forums and more resources. I know you all have been patient and appreciate your continued patience while we work through this together.

Keep the thoughts coming.

In the OP, the following was a offtopic addition:

(3) Reported bugs in important extensions like Dynamic Components go unfixed for much too long.

I have removed it, as it is a separate issue.

I also clarified and cleaned up the OP a bit. It started as a complaint about things not being done, and I then added things that could be done as a solution.

The more I think about it, the more I like integrating the Discourse forum functionality with the Extension Warehouse. I mean, the users will be logged into sketchup.com anyway.

Yes, that is something I think we should definitely explore.


Jeff Atwood power his comment section with discourse. Would be interesting if the comment section on EW (formerly “Reviews”) was a window into specific threads on this forum.

Exactly what I pondered in (5) above. Mentioned iframe.
I would still like to see “Critiques/Reviews” separated from the “Questions” about an extension, and other general EW complaints (“Can’t download the extension, help!”, “How do I buy this extensions?” , etc.)

If I was doing it, I’d have tabbed overlying divs, with the critiques on top.