Extend handrail to the glass

1.skp (365.2 KB)
Does anyone know how to move the top part of handrail to the glass? Thank you.


hello, edit your handrail group, select the part you want to move and lock on green axis with left arrow key

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Do you mean like this?

Open the handrail group for editing (double click), then select the necessary geometry (see below), then use the Move tool to drag it in the desired direction. Use SketchUp’s axis inferencing and the shift key to keep it aligned.

Also, check out SketchUp Fundamentals to learn more about fundamental tools in SketchUp.

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Thank you. Do you know why when I move the selected object, the whole handrail moves?

maybe because you did not edit the group first, by double clicking on it ?
you can also right click on it and pick “edit group”

Yes, I have opened the group. But it the rest of the handrail changes the shape.

It works now. I recognize I select more lines. Thanks.

you must have selected the whole handrail. select only the geometry/edges that have to be moved. Note that in my Gif, I selected starting from top left hand corner, which will select only full elements that are inside the rectangle selection.

Yes, exactly.