Exporting Sketchup Drawing to DWG Auto Cad Drawing


I have just recently started a new job and have to start using Autocad to send drawings to clients so I am doing the 2d space plan drawings on Sketchup Pro ( So much quicker and easier than AutoCad) the exporting them to DWG file and opening them up in AutoCad and adding the final touches like hatching and those sorts of things. I have to put all the CAD drawings onto our Title Block. Overtime that i seem to ad my drawing on the tittle block the scale is not right.

I noticed that when I export the file that i can change the scale in the options box and wondered if this had something to do with it. I was wondering if anyone could help me with what i need to do and help me get my drawings to scale.

For example if I want a drawing at 1:50 on A3 what do i need to put in the dialog boxes,

Thank you in advance and I hope that this all made sense.

Jordy Dent

Note that the scale options only appear/work when you are using a Parallel Projection camera. I would export to full scale, and set up the file in AutoCad using the Paper space for titleblocks etc. and with the plan in a viewport with the desired scale. You might also try setting up your document in the LayOut application - it can export a Paper/Model space file automatically.