Exporting EPS from Sketchup Pro on a Mac 5K monitor

Please, any help. I’m having the most frustrating time understanding how Sketchup Pro 2016 exports EPS images. I produce how-to documents from my sketchup drawings for small furniture. I recently bought a new Mac 27" 5k machine. Great piece of hardware. However, when exporting the size of my arrows are all over the place. And for some reason I can’t follow how the options tab, when exporting, influences the size ratio. Sometimes I get huge arrows and text, sometimes I get more normal. Does anyone have any helpful info? I need my final eps images approx 1/4 of an Letter size piece of paper. Because of the angels that I draw my dimension it seems that Layout doesn’t really work for my workflow. Thank you to anyone who can shed some light on this.

there are a few potential issues regarding exporting vector images in the Help centre article…

and there are additional ones to do with retina screens…

It would be easier if you post example images and or a skp file?


Thanks John for your reply. I read the Help info for Vector graphics. Not much help for what is happening. Attached are 3 screen grabs. The ‘sketchup’ one is how it looks on screen in Sketchup. the ‘export options’ are what appears in the options dialogue box while exporting. Finally, the ‘EPS export Illustrator’ is how it looks when I open that file in Illustrator. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It looks like retina font scaling issue to me, so, more questions I’m afraid…

what are your font settings in SU and in Illustrator?

what does the eps look like in Preview.app?

here’s something similar on my iMac [non-retina] with the fonts set to height, not points…


still not much better. where in illustrator do you check font settings and what might i be looking for?

Height kind of helped but still not good. Don’t know whether this matters but a few months back searched around on here trying to get help with how small the leader arrows were on my sketchup on this retina machine. found a link that pointed me to a downloadable group of arrows that can be dropped into Sketchup for larger arrows. did this do something to my sletchup?