Exporting a 3d Raster file (csv)

I need to export a 3d CSV file based on my drawing, but can’t find any examples where this has been done. All I need is x, y, z and one characteristic for identification, but will also need to specify the resolution. Any ideas?

See if this extension will help:


You need to sign into Sketchucation, download the RBZ file, and install it with Extension Manager. Then select the geometry you want as CSV data, and choose File/TIG.exportvertices2csv.

thank you, that is really interesting. But that just gives vertices. I need to pixelate my design for every x, y, and z location and identify a characteristic of the design part. I also want to be able to specify the resolution of the pixelation. Any suggestions?

Sorry, I think the correct term for what I want to do with my model is to rasterise it. Two dimensions is no problem, but I can’t seem to find any way to do it in three dimensions.

Do you mean voxelize? I helped the Voxelizer plugin author with his extension.
He posted it over at SketchUcation. Here is the link …

Yes! That is what I was looking for. After a bit of playing I got it to work on a simple model. I see that TheDro posted some code called MCExport for exporting to minecraft, but comments suggest there was a problem and I don’t know if that would get me to my CSV file anyway.

Any suggestions for how I might export a CSV file with elements for each cube? I am pretty new to Sketchup and Ruby is a bit beyond my abilities at the moment.